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Trains in India, Indian Railways routes and connecting cities

Trains in India

Find all trains in India. All Cities in India connected by Indian Railways. Find Train Schedule, Route, Timings and fare.

Train no. Train name Starts Ends
12723 A P Exp Hyderabad Decan New Delhi
12724 A P Express New Delhi Hyderabad Decan
12707 A P Smprk Krnti Tirupati H Nizamuddin
15609 Abadh Assam Exp Guwahati Darbhanga Junction
18242 Abkp Durg Pas E Ambikapur Durg
11266 Abkp Jbp Expres Ambikapur Jabalpur
09018 Adi Bct Ac Spl Ahmedabad Junction Mumbai Central
09414 Adi Bdts Sup Sp Ahmedabad Junction Bandra Terminus
19130 Adi Brc Intcity Ahmedabad Junction Vadodara Junction
12931 Adi Double Deck Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Junction
12298 Adi Duronto Exp Pune Junction Ahmedabad Junction
12267 Adi Duronto Exp Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Junction
09425 Adi Jaipur Spl Ahmedabad Junction Jaipur
19223 Adi Jat Express Ahmedabad Junction Jammu Tawi
02207 Adi Jat Gr Spl Ahmedabad Junction Jammu Tawi
19606 Adi Koaa Exp Ahmedabad Junction Kolkata
09407 Adi Lucknow Spl Ahmedabad Junction Lucknow Ne
09415 Adi Okha Spl Ahmedabad Junction Okha
09409 Adi Patna Spl Ahmedabad Junction Patna Junction
09411 Adi Patna Spl Ahmedabad Junction Patna Junction
18406 Adi Puri Exp Ahmedabad Junction Puri
12844 Adi Puri Exp Ahmedabad Junction Puri
16501 Adi Sbc Express Ahmedabad Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
12958 Adi Sj Rajdhani New Delhi Ahmedabad Junction
19944 Adi Udz Express Ahmedabad Junction Udaipur City
12547 Af Adi Sf Exp Agra Fort Ahmedabad Junction
12195 Af Aii Intercit Agra Fort Ajmer Junction
09612 Af Aii Spl Agra Fort Ajmer Junction
12036 Af Jp Shatbdi Agra Fort Jaipur
12954 Ag Kranti Rjdhn H Nizamuddin Mumbai Central
01032 Agc Cstm Sf Spl Agra Cantt Mumbai Cst
12320 Agc Koaa Exp Agra Cantt Kolkata
01436 Agc Pune Spl Agra Cantt Pune Junction
12341 Agnibina Expres Howrah Junction Asansol Junction
12342 Agnibina Expres Asansol Junction Howrah Junction
12548 Agra Super Fast Ahmedabad Junction Agra Fort
52575 Agtl Dmr Pass Agartala Dharmanagar
15696 Agtl Lmg Expres Agartala Lumding Junction
16326 Ahilyanagari Ex Trivandrum Cntl Indore Junction Bg
16325 Ahilyanagari Ex Indore Junction Bg Trivandrum Cntl
11096 Ahimsa Express Pune Junction Ahmedabad Junction
11095 Ahimsa Express Ahmedabad Junction Pune Junction
16502 Ahmadabad Exp Bangalore Cy Junction Ahmedabad Junction
59439 Ahmadabad Pass Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Junction
59440 Ahmadabad Pass Ahmedabad Junction Borivali
19405 Ahmedabad Ac Ex Yesvantpur Junction Ahmedabad Junction
09420 Ahmedabad Exp Mangalore Junction Ahmedabad Junction
11050 Ahmedabad Exp C Shahumharaj T Ahmedabad Junction
59441 Ahmedabad Pass Mumbai Central Nandurbar
59442 Ahmedabad Pass Ahmedabad Junction Mumbai Central
54806 Aii Adi Pasnger Ajmer Junction Ahmedabad Junction
09649 Aii Adi Spl Ajmer Junction Ahmedabad Junction
12196 Aii Af Intercit Ajmer Junction Agra Fort
09611 Aii Af Spl Ajmer Junction Agra Fort
22996 Aii Bdts Sf Exp Ajmer Junction Bandra Terminus
09046 Aii Bdts Sf Spl Ajmer Junction Bandra Terminus
09619 Aii Bdts Urs Sp Ajmer Junction Bandra Terminus
09602 Aii Beas Spl Ajmer Junction Beas
13424 Aii Bgp Exp Ajmer Junction Bhagalpur
12983 Aii Cdg G Rath Ajmer Junction Chandigarh
05104 Aii Cpr Spl Ajmer Junction Chhapra
05028 Aii Cpr Spl Anand Vihar Trm Barabanki Junction
12990 Aii Ddr Expres Ajmer Junction Dadar
04042 Aii Dli Sf Spl Ajmer Junction Delhi
18208 Aii Durg Exp Ajmer Junction Durg
19609 Aii Hw Exp Ajmer Junction Haridwar Junction
09640 Aii Hw Special Ajmer Junction Haridwar Junction
17019 Aii Hyb Exp Ajmer Junction Hyderabad Decan
12719 Aii Hyb Sf Exp Ajmer Junction Hyderabad Decan
07019 Aii Hyb Spl Ajmer Junction Hyderabad Decan
12413 Aii Jat Express Ajmer Junction Jammu Tawi
09720 Aii Jp Exp Ajmer Junction Jaipur
09621 Aii Jp Intercit Ajmer Junction Jaipur
54802 Aii Ju Fast Pas Ajmer Junction Jodhpur Junction
09601 Aii Kne Special Ajmer Junction Kishanganj
19608 Aii Koaa Exp Ajmer Junction Kolkata
03138 Aii Koaa Urs Sp Ajmer Junction Kolkata
16209 Aii Mys Express Ajmer Junction Mysore Junction
19601 Aii Njp Exp Ajmer Junction New Jalpaiguri
05712 Aii Njp Spl Ajmer Junction New Jalpaiguri
22211 Aii Nzm Duronto Ajmer Junction H Nizamuddin
03282 Aii Rjbp Spl Rjndr Ngr Bihar New Mal Junction
19654 Aii Rtm Exp Ajmer Junction Ratlam Junction
12988 Aii Sdah Expres Ajmer Junction Sealdah
03102 Aii Sdah Spl Puri Dakhineswar
19603 Aii Sln Exp Ajmer Junction Sultanpur
09615 Aii Udz Urs Spl Ajmer Junction Udaipur City
19607 Aii Wkly Exp Kolkata Ajmer Junction
17064 Ajanta Express Secunderabad Junction Manmad Junction
17063 Ajanta Express Manmad Junction Secunderabad Junction
16210 Ajmer Express Mysore Junction Ajmer Junction
12989 Ajmer Express Dadar Ajmer Junction
08034 Ajmer Hwh Spl Ajmer Junction Howrah Junction
12016 Ajmer Shtbdi Ajmer Junction New Delhi
12015 Ajmer Shtbdi New Delhi Ajmer Junction
09650 Ajmer Special Ahmedabad Junction Ajmer Junction
12120 Ajni Ami Exp Nagpur Amravati
17640 Ak Kcg Exp Akola Junction Kacheguda
07507 Ak Qln Spl Akola Junction Kollam Junction
12318 Akal Takhat Exp Amritsar Junction Sealdah
12317 Akal Takht Exp Sealdah Amritsar Junction
14312 Ala Hazrat Exp Bhuj Bareilly
14311 Ala Hazrat Exp Bareilly Bhuj
07092 Ald Hyb Spl Allahabad Junction Hyderabad Decan
04013 Ald Nzm Spl Allahabad Junction H Nizamuddin
09430 Ald Adi Spl Allahabad Junction Ahmedabad Junction
04117 Ald Anvt Spl Allahabad Junction Anand Vihar Trm
04127 Ald Anvt Spl Allahabad Junction Anand Vihar Trm
07240 Ald Cct Spl Allahabad Junction Kakinada Town
12293 Ald Duronto Exp Lokmanyatilak T Allahabad Junction
12276 Ald Duronto Exp New Delhi Allahabad Junction
14115 Ald Hw Exp Allahabad Junction Haridwar Junction
04120 Ald Hwh Spl Allahabad Junction Howrah Junction
09314 Ald Indb Spl Allahabad Junction Indore Junction Bg
22442 Ald Intercity Kanpur Central Allahabad Junction
14209 Ald Lko Intrcty Vindhyachal Lucknow Nr
12294 Ald Ltt Duronto Allahabad Junction Lokmanyatilak T
12564 Ald Ltt Sf Exp Allahabad Junction Lokmanyatilak T
04122 Ald Ltt Spl Allahabad Junction Lokmanyatilak T
04115 Ald Ltt Spl Allahabad Junction Lokmanyatilak T
01006 Ald Ltt Spl Allahabad Junction Lokmanyatilak T
01008 Ald Ltt Spl Allahabad Junction Lokmanyatilak T
12403 Ald Mtj Express Allahabad Junction Mathura Junction
04001 Ald Ndls Ac Spl Allahabad Junction New Delhi
04111 Ald Ndls Sf Spl Allahabad Junction New Delhi
04003 Ald Ndls Spl Allahabad Junction New Delhi
07512 Ald Ned Spl Allahabad Junction Nanded
07514 Ald Ned Spl Allahabad Junction Nanded
04124 Ald R Special Allahabad Junction Raipur Junction
09016 Ald St Spl Allahabad Junction Surat
04113 Ald Uhp Spl Allahabad Junction Udhampur
08576 Ald Vskp Spl Allahabad Junction Vishakapatnam
09313 Allahabad Spl Indore Junction Bg Allahabad Junction
09429 Allahabad Spl Ahmedabad Junction Allahabad Junction
16041 Alleppey Exp Chennai Central Alleppey
16308 Alleppey Exp Kannur Alleppey
12587 Amar Nath Exp Gorakhpur Junction Jammu Tawi
17225 Amaravathi Exp Vijayawada Junction Hubli Junction
18047 Amaravathi Exp Howrah Junction Vasco Da Gama
17226 Amaravati Exp Hubli Junction Kacheguda
12854 Amarkantak Exp Bhopal Junction Durg
12853 Amarkantak Exp Durg Bhopal Junction
15098 Amarnath Exp Jammu Tawi Barauni Junction
15097 Amarnath Exp Barauni Junction Jammu Tawi
15653 Amarnath Expres Guwahati Jammu Tawi
11265 Ambikapur Expre Jabalpur Ambikapur
12119 Ami Ajni Exp Amravati Ajni
12159 Ami Jbp Sup Exp Amravati Jabalpur
01202 Ami Nagpur Exp Amravati Nagpur
11406 Ami Pune Exp Amravati Pune Junction
12766 Ami Tpty Sup Ex Amravati Tirupati
12112 Amravati Cstm E Amravati Mumbai Cst
16343 Amritha Express Trivandrum Cntl Palghat Town
16344 Amritha Express Palghat Town Trivandrum Cntl
13049 Amritsar Exp Howrah Junction Amritsar Junction
12483 Amritsar Exp Kochuveli Amritsar Junction
11057 Amritsar Expres Lokmanyatilak T Dhule
13005 Amritsar Mail Howrah Junction Amritsar Junction
12014 Amritsar Shtbdi Amritsar Junction New Delhi
12013 Amritsar Shtbdi New Delhi Amritsar Junction
12032 Amritsar Shtbdi Amritsar Junction New Delhi
12031 Amritsar Shtbdi New Delhi Amritsar Junction
16724 Anantapuri Exp Trivandrum Cntl Chennai Egmore
16723 Anantapuri Exp Chennai Egmore Trivandrum Cntl
12316 Ananya Express Udaipur City Sealdah
16032 Andaman Express Jammu Tawi Chennai Central
16031 Andaman Express Chennai Central Jammu Tawi
12253 Anga Express Yesvantpur Junction Bhagalpur
12254 Anga Express Bhagalpur Yesvantpur Junction
12315 Annanya Expres Sealdah Udaipur City
04128 Anvt Ald Spl Anand Vihar Trm Allahabad Junction
04118 Anvt Ald Spl Anand Vihar Trm Allahabad Junction
12211 Anvt Garib Rath Muzaffarpur Junction Anand Vihar Trm
22409 Anvt Garib Rath Sasaram Anand Vihar Trm
02398 Anvt Gaya Spl Anand Vihar Trm Gaya Junction
05038 Anvt Gkp Spl Anand Vihar Trm Gorakhpur Junction
04053 Anvt Jat Spl Anand Vihar Trm Jammu Tawi
04051 Anvt Jat Spl Anand Vihar Trm Jammu Tawi
14012 Anvt Kgm Ac Exp Anand Vihar Trm Kathgodam
12040 Anvt Kgm Sht Anand Vihar Trm Kathgodam
03210 Anvt Pnbe Spl Anand Vihar Trm Patna Junction
02394 Anvt Pnbe Spl Anand Vihar Trm Patna Junction
12428 Anvt Rewa Exp Anand Vihar Trm Rewa
03416 Anvt Sbg Spl Anand Vihar Trm Sahibganj Junction
03190 Anvt Sdah Sf Sp Anand Vihar Trm Sealdah
12708 Ap Smprk Kranti H Nizamuddin Tirupati
05422 Apdj Dgha Spl Alipur Duar Junction Digha Flag Stn
12885 Aranyak Express Shalimar Bhojudih Junction
12886 Aranyak Express Bhojudih Junction Shalimar
19707 Aravali Express Bandra Terminus Jaipur
19708 Aravali Express Jaipur Bandra Terminus
12356 Archana Express Jammu Tawi Rjndr Ngr Bihar
12355 Archna Express Rjndr Ngr Bihar Jammu Tawi
15814 Arunachal Exp Dhemaji Rangiya Junction
15813 Arunachal Exp Rangiya Junction Murkeongselek
12916 Ashram Express Delhi Ahmedabad Junction
12915 Ashram Express Ahmedabad Junction Delhi
12361 Asn Cstm Expres Asansol Junction Mumbai Cst
13509 Asn Gd Express Asansol Junction Gonda Junction
13507 Asn Gkp Express Asansol Junction Gorakhpur Junction
12376 Asn Mas Express Asansol Junction Chennai Central
03555 Asn Mfp Special Asansol Junction Muzaffarpur Junction
03503 Asn Pnbe Specia Asansol Junction Patna Junction
03557 Asn Pnbe Spl Asansol Junction Patna Junction
03513 Asn Vskp Specia Asansol Junction Vishakapatnam
12242 Asr Cdg Sup Amritsar Junction Chandigarh
15934 Asr Dbrg Expres Amritsar Junction Dibrugarh
14632 Asr Ddn Express Amritsar Junction Dehradun
12054 Asr Hw Jnshtbdi Amritsar Junction Haridwar Junction
13050 Asr Hwh Express Amritsar Junction Howrah Junction
13006 Asr Hwh Mail Amritsar Junction Howrah Junction
19326 Asr Indb Expres Amritsar Junction Indore Junction Bg
19772 Asr Jaipur Exp Amritsar Junction Ajmer Junction
19782 Asr Jp Express Amritsar Junction Ajmer Junction
12484 Asr Kcvl Expres Amritsar Junction Kochuveli
15708 Asr Kir Express Amritsar Junction Katihar Junction
12358 Asr Koaa Sup Ex Amritsar Junction Kolkata
11058 Asr Ltt Express Amritsar Junction Lokmanyatilak T
12460 Asr Ndls Exp Amritsar Junction New Delhi
12716 Asr Ned Express Amritsar Junction Nanded
14002 Attari Dli Exp Atari Delhi
12953 Aug Kr Raj Exp Mumbai Central H Nizamuddin
57549 Aurangabad Psgr Hyderabad Decan Aurangabad
15610 Avadh Assam Exp Lalgarh Junction Guwahati
19040 Avadh Express Muzaffarpur Junction Bandra Terminus
19037 Avadh Express Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur Junction
19039 Avadh Express Bandra Terminus Muzaffarpur Junction
19038 Avadh Express Gorakhpur Junction Bandra Terminus
12962 Avantika Exp Indore Junction Bg Mumbai Central
12961 Avantika Exp Mumbai Central Indore Junction Bg
07505 Awb Qln Spl Aurangabad Kollam Junction
07503 Awb Tpty Spl Aurangabad Tirupati
04806 Awr Jp Spl Alwar Jaipur
12129 Azad Hind Exp Pune Junction Howrah Junction
12130 Azad Hind Exp Howrah Junction Pune Junction
12947 Azimabad Expres Ahmedabad Junction Patna Junction
12948 Azimabad Expres Patna Junction Ahmedabad Junction
15665 B G Express Kamakhya Dimapur
15666 B G Express Dimapur Kamakhya
18449 B Nath Dham Exp Puri Patna Junction
18450 B Nath Dham Exp Patna Junction Puri
13019 Bagh Express Howrah Junction Kathgodam
13020 Bagh Express Kathgodam Howrah Junction
12578 Bagmati Express Bangalore Cy Junction Darbhanga Junction
12577 Bagmati Express Darbhanga Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
19452 Bandra T Exp Gandhidham Bg Bandra Terminus
06029 Bangalore Exp Chennai Central Bangalore Cy Junction
16316 Bangalore Exp Kochuveli Bangalore Cy Junction
12609 Bangalore Exp Chennai Central Bangalore Cy Junction
06346 Bangalore Exp Eranakulam Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
16525 Bangalore Exp Kanyakumari Bangalore Cy Junction
12678 Bangalore Exp Eranakulam Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
06316 Bangalore Exp Kochuveli Bangalore Cy Junction
06516 Bangalore Exp Tirunelveli Bangalore Cy Junction
16322 Bangalore Exp Trivandrum Cntl Bangalore Cy Junction
16538 Bangalore Exp Nagercoil Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
16228 Bangalore Exp Talguppa Bangalore Cy Junction
12785 Bangalore Exp Kacheguda Bangalore Cy Junction
12657 Bangalore Mail Chennai Central Bangalore Cy Junction
12683 Bangalore Sf Ex Eranakulam Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
22607 Bangalore Sf Ex Eranakulam Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
06514 Bangalore Spl Patna Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
12494 Banglore Rajdhn H Nizamuddin Bangalore Cy Junction
22694 Banglore Rajdhn H Nizamuddin Bangalore Cy Junction
12430 Banglore Rjdhni H Nizamuddin Bangalore Cy Junction
13241 Banka Rjpb Exp Banka Rjndr Ngr Bihar
15694 Barak Valley Ex Silchar Lumding Junction
15693 Barak Valley Ex Lumding Junction Silchar
14555 Bareilly Dli Ex Bareilly Delhi
14556 Bareilly Exp Delhi Bareilly
14313 Bareilly Exp Lokmanyatilak T Bareilly
14322 Bareilly Expres Bhuj Bareilly
28624 Barka Rjpb Exp Barka Kana Rjndr Ngr Bihar
14888 Barmer Klk Exp Barmer Kalka
17308 Basava Express Bagalkot Yesvantpur Junction
17307 Basava Express Yesvantpur Junction Bagalkot
51029 Bb Bjp Fast Pas Mumbai Cst Bijapur
18404 Bbn Ckp Int Exp Barabil Chakradharpur
12021 Bbn Janshatabdi Howrah Junction Barabil
12022 Bbn Janshatabdi Barabil Howrah Junction
18415 Bbn Puri Exp Barabil Puri
12831 Bbs Garib Rath Dhanbad Junction Bhubaneswar
12892 Bbs Bpo Express Bhubaneswar Bangriposi
18437 Bbs Bwip Link E Bhubaneswar Bhawanipatna
12830 Bbs Chennai Exp Bhubaneswar Chennai Central
12282 Bbs Duronto Exp New Delhi Bhubaneswar
12281 Bbs Duronto Exp Bhubaneswar New Delhi
12894 Bbs Express Balangir Bhubaneswar
12073 Bbs Jan Shatabd Howrah Junction Bhubaneswar
12074 Bbs Jan Shatabd Bhubaneswar Howrah Junction
12880 Bbs Ltt Sf Exp Bhubaneswar Lokmanyatilak T
12146 Bbs Ltt Sup Exp Bhubaneswar Lokmanyatilak T
02281 Bbs Ndls Sf Spl Bhubaneswar New Delhi
12898 Bbs Pdy Express Bhubaneswar Puducherry
22882 Bbs Pune Exp Bhubaneswar Pune Junction
12582 Bbs Pune Exp Bhubaneswar Pune Junction
22823 Bbs Rajdhani Ex Bhubaneswar New Delhi
22811 Bbs Rajdhani Ex Bhubaneswar New Delhi
18496 Bbs Rmm Express Bhubaneswar Rameswaram
18106 Bbs Rou Int Exp Bhubaneswar Rourkela
22871 Bbs Tpty Expres Bhubaneswar Tirupati
12845 Bbs Ypr Sup Exp Bhubaneswar Yesvantpur Junction
09017 Bct Adi Ac Spl Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Junction
12932 Bct Doubledecke Ahmedabad Junction Mumbai Central
22210 Bct Duronto New Delhi Mumbai Central
12268 Bct Duronto Exp Ahmedabad Junction Mumbai Central
12955 Bct Jp Express Mumbai Central Jaipur
04093 Bct Ndls Ac Spl Mumbai Central New Delhi
04209 Bdl Ald Spl Vindhyachal Allahabad Junction
09045 Bdts Aii Spl Bandra Terminus Ajmer Junction
12995 Bdts Aii Udz Ex Bandra Terminus Ajmer Junction
09620 Bdts Aii Urs Sp Bandra Terminus Ajmer Junction
09011 Bdts Ald Spl Bandra Terminus Allahabad Junction
19115 Bdts Bhuj Exp Bandra Terminus Bhuj
09037 Bdts Bhuj Spl Bandra Terminus Bhuj
09023 Bdts Bikaner Sp Bandra Terminus Bikaner Junction
22474 Bdts Bkn Sup Ex Bandra Terminus Bikaner Junction
09231 Bdts Bvc Specia Bandra Terminus Bhavnagar Trmus
19029 Bdts Dee Expres Bandra Terminus Delhi S Rohilla
12910 Bdts Garib Rath H Nizamuddin Bandra Terminus
05034 Bdts Gkp Spl Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur Junction
09301 Bdts Indore Spl Bandra Terminus Indore Junction Bg
11104 Bdts Jhansi Exp Bandra Terminus Jhansi Junction
19065 Bdts Jodhpur Ex Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Junction
09033 Bdts Jp Spl Bandra Terminus Jaipur
09019 Bdts Ju Special Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Junction
12247 Bdts Nzm Yuva E Bandra Terminus H Nizamuddin
09561 Bdts Okha Spl Bandra Terminus Okha
19049 Bdts Patna Exp Bandra Terminus Patna Junction
12907 Bdts Smprk K Ex Bandra Terminus H Nizamuddin
12935 Bdts Surat Exp Bandra Terminus Surat
09610 Be Aii Spl Bareilly Ajmer Junction
14321 Be Bhuj Exp Bareilly Bhuj
14236 Be Bsb Express Bareilly Varanasi Junction
04314 Be Dbg Exp Bareilly Darbhanga Junction
54077 Be Dli Psngr Bareilly Delhi
14308 Be Lko Ald Pass Bareilly Prayag
14314 Be Ltt Express Bareilly Lokmanyatilak T
04801 Beas Bgkt Spl Beas Bhagat Ki Kothi
04912 Beas Nzm Specia Beas H Nizamuddin
08296 Beas R Spl Beas Raipur Junction
04918 Beas Sre Spl Beas Saharanpur
12237 Begampura Exp Varanasi Junction Jammu Tawi
12238 Begampura Exp Jammu Tawi Varanasi Junction
18204 Betwa Express Kanpur Central Durg
18203 Betwa Express Durg Kanpur Central
04802 Bgkt Beas Spl Bhagat Ki Kothi Beas
22405 Bgp Garib Rath Bhagalpur Anand Vihar Trm
13423 Bgp Aii Express Bhagalpur Ajmer Junction
12335 Bgp Ltt Express Bhagalpur Lokmanyatilak T
13410 Bgp Mldt Int Ex Jamalpur Junction Malda Town
12349 Bgp Ndls Exp Bhagalpur New Delhi
18604 Bgp Rnc Express Bhagalpur Ranchi
19048 Bgp Surat Exp Bhagalpur Surat
12891 Bgy Bbs Expres Bangriposi Bhubaneswar
12336 Bhagalpur Exp Lokmanyatilak T Bhagalpur
13103 Bhagirathi Exp Sealdah Lalgola
13104 Bhagirathi Exp Lalgola Sealdah
17233 Bhagyanagar Exp Secunderabad Junction Balharshah
17234 Bhagyanagar Exp Balharshah Secunderabad Junction
12971 Bhavnagar Exp Bandra Terminus Bhavnagar Trmus
12156 Bhopal Express H Nizamuddin Habibganj
12155 Bhopal Express Habibganj H Nizamuddin
59389 Bhopal Passenge Indore Junction Bg Bhopal Junction
12002 Bhopal Shtbdi New Delhi Bhopal Junction
13015 Bhp Kaviguru Ex Howrah Junction Bolpur S Niktn
12846 Bhubaneshwar Ex Yesvantpur Junction Bhubaneswar
12145 Bhubaneshwar Ex Lokmanyatilak T Bhubaneswar
18495 Bhubaneswar Exp Rameswaram Bhubaneswar
12829 Bhubaneswar Exp Chennai Central Bhubaneswar
19116 Bhuj Bdts Exp Bhuj Bandra Terminus
09024 Bhuj Bdts Spl Bhuj Bandra Terminus
09458 Bhuj Brc Spl Bhuj Vadodara Junction
12960 Bhuj Dadar Exp Bhuj Dadar
11091 Bhuj Pune Exp Bhuj Pune Junction
17009 Bidr Hyb Exp Bidar Hyderabad Decan
12566 Bihar S Kranti New Delhi Darbhanga Junction
12565 Bihar S Kranti Darbhanga Junction New Delhi
01493 Bijapur Exp Hubli Junction Bijapur
06535 Bijapur Express Yesvantpur Junction Bijapur
22476 Bikaner Ac Exp Coimbatore Junction Bikaner Junction
16312 Bikaner Express Kochuveli Bikaner Junction
18235 Bilaspur Ex Pas Bhopal Junction Chirmiri
12852 Bilaspur Expres Chennai Central Bilaspur Junction
12442 Bilaspur Rjdhni New Delhi Bilaspur Junction
21126 Bix Indb Exp Bhind Indore Junction Bg
51030 Bjp Bb Fast Pas Bijapur Mumbai Cst
11123 Bju Gwl Mail Barauni Junction Gwalior
15203 Bju Ljn Exp Barauni Junction Lucknow Ne
22473 Bkn Bdts Sf Exp Bikaner Junction Bandra Terminus
22475 Bkn Cbe Ac S F Bikaner Junction Coimbatore Junction
12489 Bkn Ddr Sf Exp Bikaner Junction Dadar
04727 Bkn Ddr Sf Spl Bikaner Junction Dadar
12458 Bkn Dee S F Exp Bikaner Junction Delhi S Rohilla
04725 Bkn Dee S F Spl Bikaner Junction Delhi S Rohilla
25631 Bkn Ghy Express Bikaner Junction Guwahati
22308 Bkn Hwh Supfast Bikaner Junction Howrah Junction
22472 Bkn Intercity Delhi S Rohilla Bikaner Junction
12467 Bkn Jp Intercit Bikaner Junction Jaipur
04752 Bkn Jp Spl Bikaner Junction Jaipur
14702 Bkn Jsm Express Bikaner Junction Jaisalmer
16311 Bkn Kcvl Expres Bikaner Junction Kochuveli
12495 Bkn Koaa Sup Ex Bikaner Junction Kolkata
04734 Bkn Ptk Spl Bikaner Junction Pathankot
17038 Bkn Sc Exp Bikaner Junction Secunderabad Junction
09053 Bl Jodhpur Spl Valsad Jodhpur Junction
12583 Bl Puri S F Ex Valsad Puri
22909 Bl Puri S F Ex Valsad Puri
12911 Bl Haridwar Exp Valsad Haridwar Junction
19055 Bl Jodhpur Exp Valsad Jodhpur Junction
19052 Bl Shramik Exp Muzaffarpur Junction Valsad
09057 Bl Vadodara Spl Valsad Vadodara Junction
09051 Bl Varanasi Spl Valsad Varanasi Junction
13317 Blackdiamond Ex Howrah Junction Dhanbad Junction
13318 Blackdiamond Ex Dhanbad Junction Howrah Junction
12893 Blgr Express Bhubaneswar Balangir
13162 Blgt Koaa Exp Balurghat Kolkata
15631 Bme Ghy Express Barmer Guwahati
24888 Bme Hw Link Exp Barmer Haridwar Junction
04724 Bnw Cnb Spl Bhiwani Kanpur Central
13138 Bp Amh Exp Azamgarh Barrackpore
13137 Bp Amh Express Barrackpore Azamgarh
17012 Bpa Hyb Express Belampalli Hyderabad Decan
13118 Bpc Koaa Expres Berhampore Crt Kolkata
13026 Bpl Howrah Exp Bhopal Junction Howrah Junction
59390 Bpl Indb Pass Bhopal Junction Indore Junction Bg
12198 Bpl Intercity Gwalior Bhopal Junction
19712 Bpl Jaipur Exp Bhopal Junction Jaipur
07620 Bpl Krnt Spl Bhopal Junction Kurnool Town
12193 Bpl Pbh Exp Bhopal Junction Partapgarh Junction
12183 Bpl Pbh Sup Exp Bhopal Junction Partapgarh Junction
51196 Bpq Wr Pass Balharshah Mumbai Cst
14056 Brahmputra Mail Delhi Dibrugarh
14055 Brahmputra Mail Dibrugarh Delhi
19129 Brc Adi Intcity Vadodara Junction Ahmedabad Junction
09457 Brc Bhuj Spl Vadodara Junction Bhuj
09056 Brc Madgaon Spl Vadodara Junction Madgaon
09058 Brc Valsad Spl Vadodara Junction Valsad
12640 Brindavan Exp Bangalore Cy Junction Chennai Central
12639 Brindavan Exp Chennai Central Bangalore Cy Junction
04203 Bsb Dli Spl Varanasi Junction Delhi
04201 Bsb Dli Spl Varanasi Junction Delhi
19408 Bsb Adi Exp Varanasi Junction Ahmedabad Junction
22407 Bsb Anvt G Rath Varanasi Junction Anand Vihar Trm
14235 Bsb Be Express Varanasi Junction Bareilly
04503 Bsb Cdg Spl Varanasi Junction Chandigarh
01028 Bsb Cstm Spl Varanasi Junction Mumbai Cst
14265 Bsb Ddn Exp Varanasi Junction Ramnagar
12168 Bsb Dr Sup Exp Varanasi Junction Dadar
19407 Bsb Express Ahmedabad Junction Varanasi Junction
22408 Bsb Garib Rath Anand Vihar Trm Varanasi Junction
14213 Bsb Gd Intercit Varanasi Junction Gonda Junction
25652 Bsb Ghy Varanasi Junction Guwahati
05652 Bsb Ghy Spl Varanasi Junction Guwahati
13346 Bsb Intercity E Singrauli Varanasi Junction
21108 Bsb Kurj Link E Varanasi Junction Khajuraho
14203 Bsb Lko Intrcit Varanasi Junction Lucknow Nr
12166 Bsb Ltt Sup Exp Varanasi Junction Lokmanyatilak T
19570 Bsb Okha Exp Varanasi Junction Okha
14260 Bsb Rmm Express Varanasi Junction Rameswaram
18612 Bsb Rnc Express Varanasi Junction Ranchi
18312 Bsb Sbp Express Varanasi Junction Sambalpur
13134 Bsb Sdah Expres Varanasi Junction Sealdah
19058 Bsb Udn Exp Varanasi Junction Udhna Junction
09052 Bsb Valsad Spl Varanasi Junction Valsad
22111 Bsl Ngp Sup Exp Bhusaval Junction Nagpur
11025 Bsl Pune Exp Bhusaval Junction Pune Junction
59076 Bsl St Bct Pass Bhusaval Junction Mumbai Central
18236 Bsp Bpl Pas Bilaspur Junction Bhopal Junction
58219 Bsp Chrm Pass Bilaspur Junction Chirmiri
22815 Bsp Ers S F Exp Bilaspur Junction Eranakulam Junction
58210 Bsp Gad Pass Bilaspur Junction Gevra Road
12856 Bsp Intercity Nagpur Bilaspur Junction
12851 Bsp Mas Exp Bilaspur Junction Chennai Central
12441 Bsp Ndls Raj Ex Bilaspur Junction New Delhi
22843 Bsp Pnbe Exp Bilaspur Junction Patna Junction
08293 Bsp Pnbe Specia Bilaspur Junction Patna Junction
12849 Bsp Pune Sup Ex Bilaspur Junction Pune Junction
12787 Bsp Ten Express Bilaspur Junction Tirunelveli
22619 Bsp Ten Express Bilaspur Junction Tirunelveli
17481 Bsp Tpty Expres Bilaspur Junction Manmad Junction
58865 Btc Jbp Pass Balaghat Junction Jabalpur
58871 Btc Jbp Pass Balaghat Junction Jabalpur
04010 Bti Dee Spl Bhatinda Junction Delhi S Rohilla
14732 Bti Dli Express Bhatinda Junction Delhi
19225 Bti Jat Exp Bhatinda Junction Jammu Tawi
22812 Bubneswr Rjdhni New Delhi Bhubaneswar
22824 Bubneswr Rjdhni New Delhi Bhubaneswar
15109 Budh Purnima Ex Rajgir Varanasi Junction
15110 Budhpurnima Exp Varanasi Junction Rajgir
13106 Bui Sdah Exp Ballia Sealdah
11107 Bundelkhand Exp Gwalior Varanasi Junction
11108 Bundelkhand Exp Varanasi Junction Gwalior
12941 Bvc Asansol Exp Bhavnagar Trmus Asansol Junction
12972 Bvc Bdts Expres Bhavnagar Trmus Bandra Terminus
09232 Bvc Bdts Specia Bhavnagar Trmus Bandra Terminus
17203 Bvc Kakinada Ex Bhavnagar Trmus Kakinada Town
19260 Bvc Kcvl Exp Bhavnagar Trmus Kochuveli
59230 Bvc St Link Exp Bhavnagar Trmus Surat
18438 Bwip Bbs Link E Bhawanipatna Bhubaneswar
13013 Bwn Rph Express Barddhaman Junction Rampur Hat
07207 Bza Lpi Spl Vijayawada Junction Lingampalli
07213 Bza Qln Spl Vijayawada Junction Kollam Junction
07219 Bza Qln Spl Vijayawada Junction Kollam Junction
17208 Bza Snsi Exp Vijayawada Junction Sainagar Shirdi
12823 C G Smprk Krnti Durg H Nizamuddin
15691 Cachar Express Lumding Junction Silchar
15692 Cachar Express Silchar Lumding Junction
16305 Cannanore Exp Eranakulam Junction Kannur
16307 Cannanore Exp Alleppey Kannur
16313 Cannanore Exp Eranakulam Junction Kannur
12666 Cape Howrah Exp Kanyakumari Howrah Junction
16382 Cape Mumbai Exp Kanyakumari Mumbai Cst
22622 Cape Rmm Exp Kanyakumari Rameswaram
12790 Cape Rmm Exp Kanyakumari Rameswaram
13246 Capital Exp Danapur New Jalpaiguri
13245 Capital Express New Jalpaiguri Danapur
12969 Cbe Jaipur Exp Coimbatore Junction Jaipur
06012 Cbe Mas Express Coimbatore Junction Coimbatore Nrth
16612 Cbe Tn Link Exp Coimbatore Junction Tuticorin
07239 Cct Ald Spl Kakinada Town Allahabad Junction
17206 Cct Snsi Exp Kakinada Town Sainagar Shirdi
17204 Cct Bvc Express Kakinada Town Bhavnagar Trmus
07211 Cct Qln Spl Kakinada Town Kollam Junction
07201 Cct Sc Spl Exp Kakinada Town Secunderabad Junction
12984 Cdg Aii G Rath Chandigarh Ajmer Junction
12241 Cdg Asr Sup Chandigarh Amritsar Junction
22452 Cdg Bdts Sf Exp Chandigarh Bandra Terminus
04512 Cdg Bdts Sf Spl Chandigarh Bandra Terminus
05904 Cdg Dbrg Spl Chandigarh Dibrugarh
25904 Cdg Dbrg Spl Chandigarh Dibrugarh
15904 Cdg Dbrg Expres Chandigarh Dibrugarh
04032 Cdg Dli Exp Chandigarh Delhi
15012 Cdg Ljn Express Chandigarh Lucknow Ne
12232 Cdg Lko Express Chandigarh Lucknow Nr
12046 Cdg Ndls Shtbdi Chandigarh New Delhi
05056 Cdg Rmr Spl Chandigarh Ramnagar
04511 Cdg Sup Spl Bandra Terminus Chandigarh
22451 Cdg Sup Fast Bandra Terminus Chandigarh
11022 Chalukya Exp Tirunelveli Dadar
11006 Chalukya Exp Puducherry Dadar
11018 Chalukya Exp Yesvantpur Junction Dadar
11017 Chalukya Expres Dadar Yesvantpur Junction
12175 Chambal Exp Howrah Junction Gwalior
12177 Chambal Exp Howrah Junction Mathura Junction
12178 Chambal Express Mathura Junction Howrah Junction
12176 Chambal Express Gwalior Howrah Junction
16215 Chamundi Exp Mysore Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
16216 Chamundi Expres Bangalore Cy Junction Mysore Junction
18191 Chapra Cpa Exp Chhapra Kanpur Anwrganj
12760 Charminar Exp Hyderabad Decan Chennai Central
12759 Charminar Exp Chennai Central Hyderabad Decan
18237 Chattisgarh Exp Bilaspur Junction Amritsar Junction
15003 Chaurichauraexp Kanpur Anwrganj Gorakhpur Junction
15004 Chaurichauraexp Gorakhpur Junction Allahabad City
06616 Chennai Exp Coimbatore Junction Coimbatore Nrth
06060 Chennai Exp Velankanni Chennai Egmore
16176 Chennai Exp Karaikal Chennai Egmore
06036 Chennai Exp Tuticorin Chennai Egmore
12604 Chennai Exp Hyderabad Decan Chennai Central
06624 Chennai Exp Coimbatore Junction Chennai Egmore
06082 Chennai Exp Kochuveli Chennai Central
06084 Chennai Exp Nagercoil Junction Chennai Egmore
06002 Chennai Exp Kollam Junction Chennai Central
06802 Chennai Exp Tiruchchirapali Chennai Egmore
06804 Chennai Exp Sengottai Chennai Egmore
06008 Chennai Exp Kollam Junction Chennai Central
06004 Chennai Exp Kollam Junction Chennai Central
12686 Chennai Exp Mangalore Cntl Chennai Central
06040 Chennai Exp Coimbatore Junction Chennai Egmore
12682 Chennai Exp Coimbatore Junction Chennai Central
06016 Chennai Exp Mangalore Cntl Chennai Central
12668 Chennai Exp Nagercoil Junction Chennai Egmore
12164 Chennai Exp Chennai Egmore Dadar
06062 Chennai Exp Tiruchchirapali Chennai Egmore
06042 Chennai Exp Coimbatore Junction Chennai Egmore
06018 Chennai Exp Nagercoil Junction Chennai Egmore
12610 Chennai Express Bangalore Cy Junction Chennai Central
12680 Chennai Express Coimbatore Junction Chennai Central
12163 Chennai Express Dadar Chennai Egmore
16221 Chennai Express Mysore Junction Chennai Central
06038 Chennai Express Coimbatore Junction Chennai Egmore
12692 Chennai Express Sai P Nilayam Chennai Central
16042 Chennai Express Alleppey Chennai Central
22624 Chennai Express Madurai Junction Chennai Egmore
16702 Chennai Express Rameswaram Chennai Egmore
06056 Chennai Express Eranakulam Junction Chennai Central
06006 Chennai Express Kollam Junction Chennai Central
06750 Chennai Express Tirunelveli Chennai Central
06748 Chennai Express Nagercoil Junction Chennai Egmore
06058 Chennai Express Tiruchchirapali Chennai Egmore
22681 Chennai Express Mysore Junction Chennai Central
16854 Chennai Express Tiruchchirapali Chennai Egmore
56101 Chennai Express Metur Dam Chennai Egmore
12794 Chennai Express Madurai Junction Chennai Egmore
12602 Chennai Mail Mangalore Cntl Chennai Central
12624 Chennai Mail Trivandrum Cntl Chennai Central
12658 Chennai Mail Bangalore Cy Junction Chennai Central
11027 Chennai Mail Mumbai Cst Chennai Central
12434 Chennai Rajdhni H Nizamuddin Chennai Central
12673 Cheran Express Chennai Central Coimbatore Junction
12674 Cheran Express Coimbatore Junction Chennai Central
12981 Chetak Exp Delhi S Rohilla Udaipur City
12982 Chetak Exp Udaipur City Delhi S Rohilla
11059 Chhapra Express Lokmanyatilak T Chhapra
18238 Chhatisgarh Exp Amritsar Junction Chhindwara Junction
15009 Chitrakut Exp Lucknow Ne Jabalpur
15010 Chitrakut Exp Jabalpur Lucknow Ne
12824 Chtsgrh S Krnti H Nizamuddin Durg
17643 Circar Exp Chennai Egmore Kakinada Port
17644 Circar Exp Kakinada Port Chennai Egmore
18403 Ckp Bbn Int Exp Chakradharpur Barabil
04723 Cnb Bnw Spl Kanpur Central Bhiwani
12210 Cnb Garib Rath Kathgodam Kanpur Central
22441 Cnb Intercity Allahabad Junction Kanpur Central
12469 Cnb Jat Express Kanpur Central Jammu Tawi
12033 Cnb Ndls Sht Kanpur Central New Delhi
07102 Coa Sc Spl Kakinada Port Secunderabad Junction
12339 Coal Field Exp Howrah Junction Dhanbad Junction
12340 Coalfield Exp Dhanbad Junction Howrah Junction
12776 Cocanada Exp Secunderabad Junction Kakinada Town
12775 Cocanada Exp Kakinada Town Secunderabad Junction
16613 Coimbatore Exp Rajkot Junction Coimbatore Junction
16609 Coimbatore Exp Nagercoil Junction Coimbatore Junction
12681 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Central Coimbatore Junction
12679 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Central Coimbatore Junction
11013 Coimbatore Exp Lokmanyatilak T Coimbatore Junction
06618 Coimbatore Exp Nagercoil Junction Coimbatore Junction
06037 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Egmore Coimbatore Junction
06039 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Egmore Coimbatore Junction
06009 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Central Kollam Junction
06013 Coimbatore Exp Rameswaram Coimbatore Junction
19328 Cor Rtm Express Chittaurgarh Ratlam Junction
25014 Corbet Prk Link Ramnagar Bhagat Ki Kothi
12841 Coromandal Exp Howrah Junction Chennai Central
12842 Coromandel Exp Chennai Central Howrah Junction
18192 Cpa Chapra Exp Kanpur Anwrganj Chhapra
05027 Cpr Aii Spl Gorakhpur Junction Anand Vihar Trm
15112 Cpr Intercity Manduadih Chhapra
15106 Cpr Intercity Gorakhpur Junction Chhapra
11060 Cpr Ltt Express Chhapra Lokmanyatilak T
15107 Cpr Mtj Express Chhapra Mathura Junction
18182 Cpr Tata Exp Chhapra Tatanagar Junction
01017 Cstm Kyq Spl Mumbai Cst Kamakhya
01031 Cstm Agra Spl Mumbai Cst Agra Cantt
12111 Cstm Amravati E Mumbai Cst Amravati
12362 Cstm Asansol Ex Mumbai Cst Asansol Junction
11041 Cstm Chennai Ex Mumbai Cst Chennai Central
51034 Cstm Fast Pass Sainagar Shirdi Mumbai Cst
02187 Cstm Garibrath Jabalpur Mumbai Cst
03062 Cstm Hwh Spl Mumbai Cst Howrah Junction
01701 Cstm Jbp Spl Mumbai Cst Jabalpur
12527 Cstm Latur Exp Mumbai Cst Latur
22107 Cstm Latur Exp Mumbai Cst Latur
01211 Cstm Nagpur Spl Mumbai Cst Nagpur
01041 Cstm Patna Spl Mumbai Cst Patna Junction
01039 Cstm Pernem Spl Mumbai Cst Pernem
01010 Cstm Special Madgaon Mumbai Cst
04732 Cur Sdlp Spl Churu Sadulpur Junction
12959 Dadar Bhuj Exp Dadar Bhuj
12722 Dakshin Express H Nizamuddin Vishakapatnam
12351 Danapur Express Howrah Junction Danapur
12352 Danapur Hwh Exp Danapur Howrah Junction
11065 Darbhanga Exp Lokmanyatilak T Darbhanga Junction
11033 Darbhanga Exp Pune Junction Darbhanga Junction
12343 Darjeeling Mail Sealdah Haldibari
12344 Darjeeling Mail Haldibari Sealdah
14035 Dauladhar Exp Delhi Pathankot
12182 Dayodaya Exp Jaipur Jabalpur
12181 Dayodaya Expres Jabalpur Jaipur
05817 Dbb Nbq Special Dhubri New Bongaigaon
15817 Dbb Shtt Rr Exp Dhubri Silghat Town
04313 Dbg Be Spl Darbhanga Junction Bareilly
04023 Dbg Dee Puja Sp Darbhanga Junction Delhi S Rohilla
04027 Dbg Dli Holi Sp Darbhanga Junction Delhi
15236 Dbg Hwh Express Darbhanga Junction Howrah Junction
17006 Dbg Hyb Express Darbhanga Junction Hyderabad Decan
15234 Dbg Koaa Expres Darbhanga Junction Kolkata
11066 Dbg Ltt Express Darbhanga Junction Lokmanyatilak T
04071 Dbg Ndls Spl Darbhanga Junction New Delhi
15724 Dbg Njp Express Darbhanga Junction New Jalpaiguri
11034 Dbg Pune Exp Darbhanga Junction Pune Junction
18420 Dbg Puri Exp Darbhanga Junction Puri
17008 Dbg Sc Express Darbhanga Junction Secunderabad Junction
05215 Dbg Umb Special Darbhanga Junction Ambala Cant Junction
15905 Dbrg Vivek Exp Kanyakumari Dibrugarh
15933 Dbrg Asr Expres Dibrugarh Amritsar Junction
15903 Dbrg Cdg Expres Dibrugarh Chandigarh
05903 Dbrg Cdg Specia Dibrugarh Chandigarh
25903 Dbrg Cdg Specia Dibrugarh Chandigarh
15942 Dbrg Jhajha Exp Dibrugarh Jhajha
12526 Dbrg Koaa Exp Dibrugarh Kolkata
15928 Dbrg Kyq Expres Dibrugarh Kamakhya
05668 Dbrg Kyq Specia Dibrugarh Kamakhya
15930 Dbrg Ms Express Dibrugarh Chennai Egmore
05606 Dbrg Mxn Exp Sp Dibrugarh Mariani Junction
12235 Dbrg Ndls Rajex Dibrugarh New Delhi
05906 Dbrg Vlnk Spl Dibrugarh Vellankanni
15902 Dbrg Ypr Expres Dibrugarh Yesvantpur Junction
02435 Dbrt Ghy Ra Dibrugarh Town Guwahati
02423 Dbrt Ghy Ra Dibrugarh Town Guwahati
12424 Dbrt Rajdhani New Delhi Dibrugarh Town
12423 Dbrt Rajdhani E Dibrugarh Town New Delhi
12435 Dbrt Rajdhani E Dibrugarh Town New Delhi
01303 Dd Kwv Ashad Sp Daund Junction Kurduvadi
01301 Dd Mrj Special Daund Junction Miraj Junction
14631 Ddn Asr Express Dehradun Amritsar Junction
14266 Ddn Bsb Express Dehradun Varanasi Junction
22688 Ddn Cdg Mas Exp Chandigarh Chennai Central
15006 Ddn Gkp Exp Dehradun Gorakhpur Junction
14318 Ddn Indb Exp Dehradun Indore Junction Bg
12055 Ddn Janshtbdi New Delhi Dehradun
12288 Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex Dehradun Kochuveli
14120 Ddn Kgm Express Dehradun Kathgodam
12688 Ddn Mas Exp Dehradun Chennai Central
15002 Ddn Mfp Exp Dehradun Muzaffarpur Junction
12206 Ddn Ndls Ac Exp Dehradun New Delhi
12490 Ddr Bikaner Exp Dadar Bikaner Junction
04728 Ddr Bkn Sup Spl Dadar Bikaner Junction
11007 Deccan Express Mumbai Cst Pune Junction
11008 Deccan Express Pune Junction Mumbai Cst
12124 Deccan Queen Pune Junction Mumbai Cst
12123 Deccan Queen Mumbai Cst Pune Junction
19030 Dee Bdts Exp Delhi S Rohilla Bandra Terminus
12215 Dee Bdts G Rath Delhi S Rohilla Bandra Terminus
12457 Dee Bkn S F Ex Delhi S Rohilla Bikaner Junction
04726 Dee Bkn S F Sp Delhi S Rohilla Bikaner Junction
04009 Dee Bti Spl Delhi S Rohilla Bhatinda Junction
04024 Dee Dbg Spl Delhi S Rohilla Darbhanga Junction
12985 Dee Double Dcke Jaipur Delhi S Rohilla
12216 Dee Garibrath Bandra Terminus Delhi S Rohilla
22471 Dee Intercity Bikaner Junction Delhi S Rohilla
12265 Dee Jat Duronto Delhi S Rohilla Jammu Tawi
22482 Dee Ju Sup Delhi S Rohilla Jodhpur Junction
04002 Dee Pnbe Spl Delhi S Rohilla Patna Junction
04022 Dee Pnbe Spl Delhi S Rohilla Patna Junction
19264 Dee Porbndr Exp Delhi S Rohilla Porbandar
09742 Dee Re Special Delhi S Rohilla Rewari
14705 Dee Sdlp Expres Delhi S Rohilla Sadulpur Junction
12455 Dee Sgnr Sf Exp Delhi S Rohilla Shri Ganganagar
04033 Dee Uhp Special Delhi S Rohilla Udhampur
12687 Dehradun Exp Chennai Central Chandigarh
12287 Dehradun Exp Kochuveli Dehradun
19019 Dehradun Exp Bandra Terminus Dehradun
19020 Dehradun Exp Dehradun Bandra Terminus
29020 Dehradun Expres Meerut City Nimach
12017 Dehradun Shtbdi New Delhi Dehradun
12018 Dehradun Shtbdi Dehradun New Delhi
19263 Delhi Sr Expres Porbandar Delhi S Rohilla
17057 Devagiri Exp Mumbai Cst Secunderabad Junction
17058 Devagiri Exp Secunderabad Junction Mumbai Cst
05421 Dgha Apdj Spl Digha Flag Stn Alipur Duar Junction
12848 Dgha Hwh Duront Digha Flag Stn Howrah Junction
13417 Dgha Mldt Exp Digha Flag Stn Malda Town
22877 Dgha Puri Exp Digha Flag Stn Puri
12579 Dgha Puri Sup E Digha Flag Stn Puri
22889 Dgha Puri Sup E Digha Flag Stn Puri
22873 Dgha Vskp Exp Digha Flag Stn Vishakapatnam
13352 Dhanbad Express Alleppey Tatanagar Junction
14036 Dhauladhar Exp Pathankot Delhi
12821 Dhauli Exp Howrah Junction Puri
12822 Dhauli Exp Puri Howrah Junction
59393 Dhd Hbj Fast Pa Dahod Habibganj
51116 Dhi Csn Pass Dhule Dadar
13351 Dhn Alappuzha E Dhanbad Junction Alleppey
12832 Dhn Garib Rath Bhubaneswar Dhanbad Junction
12386 Dhn Hwh D D Exp Dhanbad Junction Howrah Junction
12384 Dhn Hwh Exp Dhanbad Junction Howrah Junction
13331 Dhn Pnbe Expres Dhanbad Junction Patna Junction
03303 Dhn Pnbe Spl Dhanbad Junction Patna Junction
03327 Dhn Smi Spl Dhanbad Junction Sitamarhi
15901 Dibrugarh Exp Yesvantpur Junction Dibrugarh
05905 Dibrugarh Exp Velankanni Dibrugarh
15929 Dibrugarh Exp Chennai Egmore Dibrugarh

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